Cornell Winery Show Remembered!

This was a show I was happy to be in and proud to show at! I wanted to share it again. Fresh from the Woolsey Fire, and now the Pandemic of Covid-19 I am still working on my figurative collection. View my original work at Written by Tim Skogstrom President and Founder of the […]

The Joy of Art by Carolyn Schlam 2020

Counting Ponies

How to look at, appreciate, and talk about art. My drawing “Counting Ponies” page 308 An amazing book written by artist and author Carolyn Schlam. I met her in my Imaginings Sketch weekly workshop. She is a wonderful person and friend! Look for the book on Amazon.

Sheila Fein Illustrator

How cool is this site manager for to be putting my work up during this pandemic. I am in the company of amazing artists here. If you need me contact me:)) Best! Sheila Fein…/ #sheilafeinart #sheilafeinfantasypop Sheila Fein Fantasy Pop

Holidays are coming order my book “Mama Graciela’s Secret” illustrated by Sheila Fein

Go to For Summer Reading! Barnes and Nobel or Amazon Sharing a review: By HYPERLINK “” Kritika Bibliophileon December 18, 2017 I have always maintained that I look for two elements in a children’s book. One, how well the book endears itself to the little readers, and two, the message that it puts across. […]

Sheila Fein Children’s Book Illustrator for Mama Graciela’s Secret Book Signing and Reading at Barnes and Nobel

Book Reading and Signing this Saturday! Local customers (including stray cats!) come from all over the island to enjoy her secret recipe. But when the Inspector discovers that Mamá secretly caters to so many cats and he threatens to close her tiny restaurant, Mamá must come up with a plan to save it—and all of the animals […]