Sheila Fein Selected for Civic Arts Plaza Mural

The City of Thousand Oaks put out a call to artists from all over to propose murals for the Civic Arts Plaza Parking Structure
The Thousand Oaks Cultural Affairs Commissioner has long advocated transforming the interior concrete
walls into artists’ canvases. They identified 8 locations to start that are highly visible walls,
stairwells, and support columns. Gary Mintz, the technical facilities manager, said the purpose
was to beautify the structure and to be a fundraising arm for the Alliance for the Arts. After a
long process, Sheila Fein was one of the artists just chosen to be paired with a corporate donor.
The mural is called “The Creative Flow-The Dance”. It will feature the artist’s colorful and
dream-like fantasy pop dance shoes.The location values range from $5,000 to $25,000
*Tap” is one of the dance shoes that will adorn the mural
Rough Digital Painting for the Intended Mural
Sheila Fein Rough for Mural